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1188 NG  Amstelveen
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 6 21 83 72 63

IBAN/BIC:  NL45INGB0005161647 / INGBNL2A
CoC/KvK:   28113347
VAT/BTW:  NL094737757B01

About Hans Knikman - KnikmanAV


After his studies in geography, art history and archaeology and work in ICT as a consultant, trainer and manager he followed his life long interest in the visual media and started his own photography and film company KnikmanAV. He got his professional training in this field at the Media Academy – the trainings institute of the Dutch broadcast industry – and several other institutes.

The main fields of work are documentary, portraits, news and architecture.

KnikmanAV is self-represented and takes clients and assignements on a regular basis.

Inquiries about availability:


Some of the clients that used products created by KnikmanAV:

Aedes Real Estate
AFV De Veluwe
AM Groep
Bloemenbureau Holland/National Flower Council Holland
Branding Pass
Cardio College
Casale del Giglio
CNN Productions (via CORBIS)
Daily Rover
Daily Telegraph (via CORBIS)
The Guardian
De Hoefslag
Hollandse Hoogte BV (via CORBIS)
International Campaign for Tibet
I & O Research
Leiden University - archaeology department
Nationale Beeld Bank
NPhoto – FutureNet
Pinpoint Management & Consultancy B.V.
Scanpix Denmark (via CORBIS)
Stichting Global Voices (via CORBIS)
Streets and People
University of Amsterdam - archaeology department
De Volkskrant
Vrij Nederland


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